Stayin' Alive... Laughing SPECIAL FAN EDITION
Chonda Mart

Stayin' Alive... Laughing SPECIAL FAN EDITION

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Stayin' Alive was a pivotal film in Chonda's career, as she tells all her fans how she ended up in the hospital battling a crippling depression. As she tells her story, in a way only Chonda can, it becomes ours as we relate to the trials, disappointments and tragedies in our own life and find the peace only a relationship with Christ can bring.

Special Edition Features:

  • All-new, feature-length special as Chonda looks back at her life before and during the filming of the DVD with stories and events she has never before shared with her fans!
  • Links on the disc to download the audio from the film - an exclusive to owners of this special edition! Now you can listen to Chonda on CD or any mobile device!
  • Chonda Laugh-Tones. Just load on your phone and Chonda will tell you when you have a call and who is calling!
  • Desktop Pictures - Put Chonda on your computer!
  • Sneak Peek at the new Chonda movie - a clip only available on this special edition! A new and different clip on every Chonda Special Edition DVD!

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