Chonda Pierce Sisterhood Cookbook
Chonda Pierce Sisterhood Cookbook Inside
Chonda Pierce Sisterhood Cookbook Inside
Chonda Mart

Sisterhood Cookbook

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The Sisterhood Cookbook is a collection of recipes created by Chonda and her closest friends. 

Excerpt from introduction: 

"Sisterhood is sacred for me. I lost both my sisters at an early age. My big sister, Charlotta, was killed in a car accident when she was 20. My little sister, Cheralyn, died a few years later from leukemia. She was 15. By the time I was 18, I was very aware of a missing connection in my life: sisters. In a very real and miraculous way, in the midst of my grief, God sent women into my life who became my sisters by choice... The girls and I try to take a trip together every year. Sometimes it's no more than a gathering at one of our houses. We talk and laugh, cry and cook. Boy, do we cook! From professional exotic dishes to biscuits and gravy, we cook. Ask any one of us, and we will all point to Meribeth when it comes to cooking. She is a mortgage broker by day and a caterer at night. Believe me when I tell you there are some dishes in the book that I'm pretty sure will be served in Heaven! So thank you girls. Thank you for your love and friendship and for the 27 extra pounds in the last three years!"


Recipe Contributors: 

Meribeth Maxey LaBarreare, Necie Harris Moore, Patrice Atkins Empson, Kim Talley, Mary Albright Pyron, Glynda Maxey, Lynda Basham, Melanie Vuocolo, Doris Courtney, Roseanne Tenebaum. 


Table of Contents: 

1. Appetizers & Beverages

2. Soups & Salads

3. Vegetables & Side Dishes

4. Main Dishes

5. Breads & Rolls

6. Desserts

7. Cookies & Candy

8. This & That

9. Index


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