Unashamed Bible Study
Unashamed Bible Study
Chonda Mart

Unashamed Bible Study

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Designed for women’s small group or personal study.

In the Unashamed Bible study, written by Chonda and her brother Mike, a former Pastor and director of Branches Counseling Centers, you will explore the genesis of shame (hint: there is fruit involved), and how the disciples wrestled with choices that caused them to struggle with shame.

Looking through the lens of Scripture, Chonda uses her keen insights and humorous observations to identify the differences between shame and guilt, blaze a path to overcoming shame, and become a world changer.

If you are like me, you have become accustomed to moving quickly through most things. But to fully digest God’s Word, you need quiet times, slow processes and deep reflection. This Bible study is an invitation to gather with some girlfriends for a fun and meaningful conversation about our struggle with shame. Or, you can brew a cup of coffee and spend some quiet time with this study and a God who loves you and wants to free you from shame.

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